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About KidSmart

KidSmart opened the doors to Missouri’s only Free Educational Supply Store in January 2002. In the first year, KidSmart was able to equip 5,000 St. Louis area students who were living in poverty and attending one of fourteen (14) high-poverty “pilot” schools. As the great need became more and more apparent, KidSmart invited more and more teachers to “shop” for free school supplies for their students. Paper, pencils, markers, glue, crayons... the most basic of supplies, yet they are absolutely critical tools for learning and success in school. The St. Louis community has been incredibly generous! Thousands have given their time, talent and treasure to make it possible for more than 144,000 local kids in need to be equipped with $48 million in free supplies and resources since 2002.

Currently 90,000 St. Louis area students attend schools in high poverty neighborhoods where 70% or more of the student body receives assistance from the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, a national poverty index. 90,000 kids would fill the seats of Busch Stadium, twice! The unfortunate reality for the majority of these students is that their families cannot afford even the most basic, necessities of life. Schools become their haven…the place where they eat their meals and are safe. School supplies are too often a “luxury” with which they go without. Supplies donated to KidSmart go directly into the hands of these 90,000 students in need. They become the tools the empower them to learn and succeed.

Through exceptional community partnerships, KidSmart has grown to annually equip tens of thousands of kids in need with millions in free school supplies, throughout each and every school year.

Help equip kids in need for success:

  1. Donate - $100 = 100 kids with pencils
    More than 90% of KidSmart’s annual revenue directly benefits local children in need.
  2. Host a Supply Drive - 1 box of crayons = 1 child who can color a bright future
    Top 5 year round needed items: paper, markers, glue, crayons, and pencils
  3. Volunteer - KidSmart hosts nearly 100 corporate, church, and organization volunteer groups each year.